About Us

We assist our clients, whatever their industry size and sector, to make the most of the new energy paradigm by providing on a daily basis our understanding of the issues, our expertise, our technology and our ability to take concrete actions.


“Our team is your team”

With ELENEO, you have at your side an experienced, reliable and responsive partner.
Whether it is purchasing strategy, improving energy performance or deploying technological solutions, we are at the service of your organization to create value and improve your operational performance in the energy transition.
Our ability to anticipate issues and translate them into operational solutions for all organizations regardless of their status, industry or size allows our customers to get the most out of the new energy mix

Acting at your side

We are firmly by your side to take actions and resolutely at your side.
The deliverables from, these are the results that you rake in:

  •  You sign power purchase agreements, we help you manage the process
  • You etablish and monitor the budget, we check the quality of your data so that plaform reflect your energy situation
  • You control the costs and risks, we help you to build and produce the elements of reporting and to animate the energy management process.

You help to see clearly

Our teams follow for you the evolution of the energy markets, the evolution of the regulations, the evolution of the technologies. With us, you will have a 360-degree view of what’s going on in your organization.

Flexible solutions tailored your needs

Whether you decide to take charge of energy management or entrust us with the responsibility of managing your energy, we find you flexible solutions that meet your needs today and tomorrow.

  • Make energy an asset in the competition
  • Have a real-time picture of your energy situation
  • Control costs and risks transparently
  • Enhance all the teams in charge of energy in your organization
  • Popularize energy issues with the general management
  • Succeeding the energy transition