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No change to the ARENH counter for 2019

The reform of the ARENH mechanism (Regulated Access to Historical Nuclear Energy) will not be implemented for the year 2019 announced this morning Virginie Schwartz, Director of Energy at the Directorate General of Energy and Climate ( DGEC).

In discussion since early 2018, the reform project provides for the break-up of the single window in mid-November in three sub-annual wickets on January 15, June 15 and October 15 with a progressive subscription volume. It aims to reduce arbitrage opportunities based on market prices.

On October 28, 2018, CRE approved the project. The achievement of the ceiling, leading to a capping of 24.77% for the year 2019, revived a debate on other aspects of the device, removing the prospect of a rapid publication of the decree. The Autorité de la Concurrence, in a notice published on 21 January 2019, also favored the introduction of the three wickets but insisted on the need to rethink the system in depth in order to envisage long-term regulation. term beyond 2025, the planned end date of the ARENH.

Given the timetable, the draft decree, which must also obtain the approval of the European Commission before publication, would not be implemented until 2020.

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