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The increase of the ARENH ceiling to 150 TWh included in the energy‑climate bill

June 20, 2019, the Commission of Economic Affairs of the National Assembly adopted an amendment submitted by the Government increasing the ceiling ARENH 100 to 150 TWh as of 1st January 2020.

This increase in the ceiling will therefore be included in the Energy and Climate Bill, which will be studied by the National Assembly in the near future.

The explanatory memorandum made by François de Rugy during the meeting specifies that the increase in the ceiling will allow the placing on the market of a higher volume of ARENH without this being automatic. The increase in volume is also conditioned by the increase in the price of ARENH, currently under discussion between the public authorities, EDF and the European Commission.

The volume of ARENH that will be placed on the market will ultimately be defined by decree and may vary from one year to the next. Due to scheduling constraints, especially with regard to price, it is likely that the change in volume and price will not occur for the year 2020.

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