About Eleneo

Eleneo crafts cutting-edge software solutions and offers strategic advisory
to serve large energy consumers and energy suppliers.

  • Our mission is clear: to support our clients in navigating the challenges of energy transition, while leveraging opportunities in an increasingly complex and volatile market.
  • We are experts in handling energy markets. We understand market dynamics and continuously refine our digital offerings to empower our clients mastering their strategies.
  • At Eleneo, we look forward to a future with sustainable, affordable, and accessible energy for all. Our action is focused on making this vision a reality through innovation, collaboration, and commitment to excellence.

Our solutions

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SEELO for Energy Procurement is a software solution designed for pan-European industrial and commercial corporations willing to actively manage their energy portfolio including PPAs and carbon emissions.

For energy managers aiming at combining risk and sustainability management, SEELO offers a full set of functionalities:

  • Hedging strategy
  • Access to market prices and energy price drivers
  • Energy supply contract modelling
  • Deal captures
  • Position monitoring
  • PPA management
  • Carbon emissions management
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Because we know that an outdated and inefficient IT environment creates significant hurdles to energy suppliers, we have leveraged our expertise in energy marketing and sales to develop Seelo for Energy Supply.

Our commitment: empowering energy suppliers at every key step of their business, providing integrated control over their workflow, from offering to portfolio management and invoicing.

Seelo for Energy Supply integrates all the critical functionalities of the supplier’s business cycle: offer creation, consumption data collection and forecasting, portfolio management, procurement, logistics.

Its cloud architecture, along with unparalleled flexibility and scalability, allows seamless API integration with other components of your information system.


Eleneo delivers strategic consultancy to European leaders in business and government. We tackle the challenges of the energy market with expertise and competence, empowering our clients to thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape.

  • Energy procurement: we help you negotiate and optimize energy supply contracts to ensure competitive pricing and sustainable procurement.
  • Energy risk management: we assist you in crafting and implementing hedging strategies to mitigate risks associated with energy price volatility.
  • Market analysis and monitoring of regulatory evolutions: we provide continuous oversight of energy market trends and regulatory changes, enabling you to anticipate shifts and adapt your strategies accordingly.
  • Acquisition and valuation of Power Purchase Agreements: we support you in conducting initial technical assessments, negotiating contracts with various counterparts, and evaluating the performance and value of PPAs.
  • Energy data management: we give you access to accurate, exhaustive, and verified data for consumption, invoices, budget, hedges…

Eleneo Academy

At Eleneo, we understand that only informed decisions lead to effective solutions. That’s why we have established the Eleneo Academy: to share our expertise on energy markets and foster a deeper understanding of the market dynamics and of the regulatory framework.

What is Eleneo Academy? We see it as a place where complex concepts become clear and comprehensible. Here, you can gain a precise understanding of the key drivers behind energy market fluctuations, the factors influencing energy price formation, and how to develop a hedging strategy or accurately value your energy portfolio. Besides, we will cover topics such as energy transition, flexibility, and new regulatory frameworks, exploring how they are poised to impact today’s and tomorrow’s energy markets.

We are developing a comprehensive range of content and video tutorials to explain these topics and more. If you have a specific topic you would like us to cover to enhance your understanding of energy, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

At Eleneo Academy, we are committed to making the complexities of the energy world accessible and understandable for all.

We are hiring

JOIN US! We are hiring full stack developers, project managers, energy consultants, energy analysts. We offer competitive remuneration, 3 days working from home or full remote for those living far away from Paris or Lille.

  • Work at Eleneo: At Eleneo, we focus on teamwork. Everything is done to avoid loneliness, stress, and the feeling of being on your own.
  • Diversity & inclusion: Eleneo promotes inclusion and equal opportunities. We encourage diversity and refrains from practicing any form of discrimination regarding its staff and job applicants. Eleneo promotes the fair treatment of candidates in the recruitment process.
  • Work-life balance: Between the desire to succeed and the risk of over-investment, reconciling professional and private life is difficult. We do not expect our employees to always be reachable. We are committed to enforcing legal break periods. Beyond that, we expect our managers to help employees to respect and enact healthy boundaries between their work and personal lives.