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Sharp rise in capacity prices at the June 25, 2020 auction

The third capacity auction organized by EPEX in 2020 for the year 2021 took place on Thursday June 25. The capacity price jumped to 47,401 €/MW, which brings the average auction price for 2021 to 28,706 €/MW.

As a reminder, the average reference price of the capacity auctions was 19,458 €/MW for the year 2020.


The second capacity auction for the year 2022 also took place this Thursday with a sharp increase in price, from 16,642 €/MW to 38,966 €/MW. The auction during the year, for the 2020 capacity guarantees, was also raised to 45,000 €/MW. Finally, the regularisation auction for the 2019 capacity guarantees stood at 395 €/MW.


The decrease in nuclear generation announced by EDF following maintenance difficulties seems to have strained the market for capacity guarantees. EDF expects a production target of 300 TWh in 2020 and between 330 and 360 TWh in 2021-2022, compared with around 385 TWh in recent years.

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